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They say ‘Time Never Stops for Anyone’. A statement true to its core. Why wait when you can get things done in a smart and efficient way. Same goes with banking, why wait for hours in the bank for something that can be done online via Digital Banking. Skip the queue and go digital. The internet allows consumers to avail all of their banking services online with a few clicks.

Banks all over encourage their customers to Bank Online ushering in the digital era of banking. Traditional banking worked but it was time consuming and inefficient. Long hours of waiting. Now one can skip that and directly get all bank related activities done via mobile.

Account opening:

Online banking has made account opening efficient and easy. One can apply directly and fill up an online form and submit photos or soft copies of the required documents. One can directly open savings accounts or salary accounts or current accounts online via a couple of banking applications.

KYC (Know Your Customer):

Every bank has to follow certain guidelines issued by their governing bodies. A KYC or Know Your Customer process is one such requirement that every customer must go through. This involves verification of the identification of the said person within the presence of the said customer itself. Earlier one had to physically be present for this procedure but with improvements in technology KYC can now be done via Video conferencing i.e. Video KYC. A lot of Indian banks have adopted this new process in order to eliminate any physical contact between the user and the bank official.

Money Transfer:

People availing services like money transfer do not require to stand in a queue waiting for their turn. Advanced banking applications have enabled these users to transfer money from one account to another instantaneously via online banking.


UPI or Universal Payment Interface is a boon to society. UPI is an application that enables the user to transfer money from one account to another with the use of a smartphone. UPI has enabled the consumers to largely eliminate the requirement of hard cash or cards all together. One can make payments, pay utility bills, mobile bills, DTH recharge, FASTAG, shopping, pay for food, movie tickets, etc. with the use of UPI.

Demat Account:

Online banking has enabled users to link their demat accounts via their banking applications and manage their portfolios online in real time from anywhere. One can open a demat account and start trading instantaneously.


One can buy insurance using online banking applications. One can even pay the installments through the app itself.

Credit and debit cards:

Using the app one can keep tabs on credit card limits, bill payments due, debit card bank balance, etc. The user can even pay their card bills online.

Overall net banking has made banking more convenient and efficient. Giving more power to the consumer.

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