Rubbish Removal – Keeping Toys Out of Landfills

Every year, UK consumers spend a total of £370 million on new toys to entertain their children. Unfortunately, some children get easily bored of them once their novelty value has worn off. Even when they have favourite toys, at some point they will grow out of them.

If you’re having a clear-out of your children’s bedroom, Clearabee are available to give you a helping hand with a quick and professional service. Often, the problem is what to do with unwanted toys.

Why isn’t council-run rubbish removal the best disposal method?

Rubbish removal – the worst option for old toys

If unwanted toys are thrown into the rubbish, they will inevitably end up in landfills. This is a burden to the environment as an estimated 90% of toys are predominantly made of plastic. This isn’t biodegradable which means they could remain intact for hundreds of years.

Some parents also make the mistake of not removing batteries before disposing of these unwanted toys. The contents of the batteries leach into the soil and from there into the underground water table. Not only can this have a catastrophic effect on the environment but it is quite likely that it will end up in drinking water too. This can be highly damaging for the health of both humans and wildlife.

Green campaigners say there are no reliable statistics about how many toys are thrown away every year. However, research by the British Heart Foundation found that more than a quarter of parents discard toys which are in perfect condition.

Toys – What is the alternative to rubbish removal?

First, ask your children to check that they are no longer interested in the toys you feel are simply gathering dust in their rooms. Often, kids need the encouragement of an adult to set up the game and play. To spark their interest, set aside an afternoon to play together and/or organise a mini-tournament.

If they are genuinely no longer keen on these toys, ask relatives or friends if they would like them. Organising a toy swap is an excellent way to recycle toys which your children are no longer interested in. Arrange a meeting with relatives/friends with kids approximately the same age as your own or with your kids’ classmates and let them choose toys which they want. Old toys can be given a whole new life as all children want to play with something new.

Boot fairs are held regularly across the whole of the UK and are the perfect alternative to rubbish removal. Let your children take part with you and give them their own space for their ‘shop’. Not only will you be giving your children a valuable lesson in the importance of recycling but they will also be able to ‘earn’ their own money.

Jumble sales, charity shops and other welfare organisations are always on the lookout for donations. By giving them your unwanted toys, you will be able to give the toys a longer life at the same time as raising some money for a good cause.

If you don’t have the time to use one of these methods, Clearabee can help you with your unwanted belongings – no matter what they are, their material and/or size. Instead of council-run rubbish removal, you can rest assured that Clearabee’s disposal methods are eco-friendly. An impressive 90% of the rubbish they collect is diverted away from landfills so your conscience is clear.

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