Reasons Why Freight Forwarding Software Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

Speaking in a matter of fact manner, supply chains today have become evolvingly complex and continue to pose newer challenges with each stage. Everyone is well aware of the fact that owing to globalization, companies continue to face increased competition at every step and giving their attention to core competencies is something that becomes a definitive factor in setting them apart. Given that logistics now has a much pivotal role to play as businesses continue to get outsourced, logistics software has seen much evolution just as the supply chain has. This implies that making sure that technology can help in optimization of whatever resources are available, has been the core focus of companies that provide logistics services in order to meet whatever obstacles and hurdles that appear in the path of heightened efficiency, as well as delivery of service.

It is an undeniable fact that technology has been able to permeate almost all businesses in today’s era and has given an advantage to those who have been smart enough to take this opportunity and make the most of what it has to offer. Even though at the very basis of it, if you look at the kind of role that is consistently constant played by freight forwarders today, you cannot in any way undermine its importance. Responsible for making sure that goods are transported all across the globe, each time there is a successful delivery made by any manufacturer into the global marketplace right into the consumer’s hands, you have these hard-working companies behind it. If you compare it to their role a decade ago, you notice that it is essentially the same, products are still being transported all across the globe and they still continue to be a really important part of enabling it. Having said that, however, there has been a rapid change in terms of technology and how it continues to move forward in a dramatic fashion.

For decades, the way freight forwarding was managed was very similar to how other businesses did too – it involved having to deal with a monumental amount of paperwork each day. With reams and reams of documents being filled out regarding the specifications of the goods that were needed, the delivery date, the kind of services etc. the employees, of course, had to process all that paperwork before the actual beginning of any sort of transactions. With the rise of the internet and its global domination, a new wave has swept across freight forwarding as well. With the absolute proliferation of freight management software in the past decade, the advent of the cloud has made it so much more easier to have access to any kind of documents wherever or whenever needed without any hassles or interruptions. The impact of technology in fact, is so much today, that the distillation process has become so much easier. You can now take a look at the software that acts not only as a platform for comparison and for quote requests but also as an accounting software for freight forwarders at the same time.

A few reasons for this proliferation and popularity over the past decade include:

  • Catering to the shipper’s needs for customization, a guarantee of prices as well as loading capacity and the creation of consolidated invoicing.
  • Freight management software can now cater to rigid and robust reliability requirements for the various parties that are involved in the transportation process.
  • Overcoming the scarceness of multifaceted capabilities of a lot of digital forwarder talents and also being able to bypass the overwhelming need for different parties to be involved at a micro-management level during shipment processing.

There is an undeniable fact that a freight forwarding software is capable of assisting your supply chain management in its entirety and be able to help with regular daily operations. They have now become an integral part of the management with logistics that help with visibility as well as tracking. One cannot ever ignore the significance that the software places for businesses, and this has been escalating steadily ever since efforts started being made into developing solutions for businesses. Making sure that the software solution is not only user friendly by giving it a robust CRM for freight forwarder, but you will also find that the applicability of the solutions across industry verticals is now unparalleled. 

Recognizing the potential of providing logistics software, companies across the globe started paying attention to new innovative products being developed that could assess any sort of needs and requirements that businesses has had in terms of logistics. If you couple all this with the kind of advancements in IT, that led to the creation of software that is feature-rich and can accommodate any scale of industry, it is quite easy to see how in the past decade the transportation and logistics industry was transformed by freight management software.

For example, here are a few features that are provided by freight forwarding software today:

  • Taking care of packages that could range from small-sized ones to shipping containers and being able to consolidate them
  • Give you documentation, free of any hassles
  • Automation of all manual processes, to be able to reduce and sort of errors made due to human intervention.
  • Real-time tracking of all the shipments from pickup to delivery
  • Integration of all the requirements in terms of logistics, which leads to higher ROI
  • Absolute management in terms of inventory and warehousing
  • Processing of sales and purchase orders.

As made apparent now, freight forwarding as a field has seen a fascinating evolution over the past decade and we are at the junction wherein technological interventions have made the convoluted process, so much easier to navigate. Keeping up with the times ShipThis specializes in assisting freight forwarding processes via its advanced freight management software platform. Connecting the world in an intimate fashion, we handle all kinds of shipments – So contact us for a demo today as we show you how we can simplify all your processes in the most efficient, hassle-free manner.