How to Track Your Bharti AXA Car Insurance Claim Online?

Driving a vehicle is fraught with peril, and unless you are very careful you can easily get involved in an accident causing grave injuries to yourself and the opposite party, plus the material damages caused to both your vehicles can be extremely high. In many cases no matter how much care you exercise while driving, you can still be involved in an accident through the mistake of the opposite driver. Though it is believed that two-wheelers are more prone to accidents than four-wheelers, the risk to car owners cannot be discounted. If you have a car and are using it, you need to buy a car insurance policy, immediately if you have not done so.

Many people avoid buying insurance thinking that it is futile and you are unlikely to gain anything from it. It is a mistaken notion. The benefits of buying car insurance can be many and it could save you from not only exorbitant monetary expenses, but also go a long way in giving you a lot of peace of mind after you have bought the policy. Many people also think that the process of making a claim is too cumbersome, but nothing can be further from the truth, as these days everything can be done online and with minimum fuss.

Procedure to Track Your Bharti AXA Car Insurance Claim Online

If you have taken out a Bharti AXA car insurance and have raised a claim on it, you can very easily track the claim by logging on to their website, and filling up your claim number, policy number, and policy expiry date and you will immediately be informed of the status of your claim.

However, remember that you will have to follow the due process in order to raise the claim in the first place. First, as soon as you are involved in an accident, make sure that you note down the registration number of the opposite party’s vehicle, and the name and contact details of any eye-witnesses. Then you will have to inform Bharti AXA, file a police complaint at the nearest police station, and take the damaged vehicles to the nearest service station for repairs.

Bharti AXA will send a surveyor who will note the circumstances of the accident, the extent of the damages and report his findings to the company. A company representative will then contact you within 24 hours to explain the process of raising a claim and the documents you will have to keep handy. The company will pay the claim amount directly to the garage owner where you have had the vehicle repaired, or reimburse it to the customer.

The cost of an accident can be grievous if there is an injury or a fatality, and it can leave you high and dry if the monetary damages are beyond your means to bear. It is therefore imperative to buy car insurance even if you are confident about your driving.