How to Prepare for Moving Your Items During Winter

One of the great things about a storage unit is that it’s always there for you all year round. It’s there in spring when you decide it’s time for some spring cleaning and consigning your clutter to a storage unit to give your home a more minimalist look. It’s there in summer when you decide it’s time to break the kids’ paddling pool out of storage and set it up in the garden for a season of splashing around in the sun. It’s there in autumn when the weather grows colder and you dutifully drop by to collect your warm clothes to keep you cosy. And of course it’s there for you in the winter too when you come to collect your Christmas tree, your decorations and heavy winter coats. 

 Affordable storage units in the UK are your friend, your ally and an asset all year round. But if you’re using it in winter, it’s a good idea to take precautions to insulate yourself from the risks created by the weather. With a little care, consideration and forward planning you can really get the most out of your storage unit in the cold, dark months…

Wrap up warm

This is pretty much a no-brainer but if you’re moving heavy objects into or out of your storage unit it’s especially important to wrap up warm. Cold weather can cause our muscles to contract, making us more vulnerable to sprains and pulled muscles. Take a walk around before heading off to the storage unit to warm up your muscles.

Be sure to wear warm gloves, too. Cold weather can cause your hands to shake and go numb… and that can be a real problem if you’re likely to be carrying anything fragile.

Plan a little extra time

Roads are likely to be busier in wintery weather so be sure to allow plenty of time to get to and back from your storage unit in the cold and the dark. You don’t want a lack of planning to make your trip to your storage unit take longer than you expected and make you late for meetings, appointments or a date with your significant other!

Check the weather forecast

 Just to be on the safe side, it’s always worth checking the weather forecast the night before you set off. If strong winds, heavy rain, snow or anything else which might impede your movement or visibility are on the cards, it might be better to reschedule. Fortunately, your storage unit will always be there for you.

Bring some old blankets or towels

To protect your belongings from the caprices of the weather, it may be worth taking some old blankets or towels in which you can wrap them up when collecting them from your storage unit. These will protect them from rain or snow and prevent bumps, chips, scratches or dents if you lose control of them.

At Henfield Storage we work tirelessly to assure our customers of high quality, dry and secure storage in winter and all year round. If you’re looking for a higher standard of self storage in Southwark, Chiswick, Staples Corner, Wimbledon or Horsham click here to get to know our self storage options a little better!

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