How to Get Legal Help When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

If you were injured or suffered in a car accident by the neglect of another person, you might be surprised how an attorney can help you in this situation. It is not a good idea to try to deal with the insurance company and settle the claim on your own. When you hire an attorney, it is to avoid being drained financially by children, ex-wife, a former business partner, or someone who sues you. 

However, what does one do if you would need a lawyer but pay for one is out of the question? In a criminal case, if you cannot afford legal help, a court can appoint an attorney for you. In a civil case, as a dispute between two private parties, to get the legal help you have to get inventive. That said, if you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, personal-injury attorneys will usually take your case for fees that they charge only if they win.

Look to Legal Aid Societies

Legal aid societies are noncommercial organizations found in every corner of the country that provide free legal services to low-income people. Whereas this may be worth exploring, many people make too much money to qualify for help from these organizations.

And even if you make low earnings, it does not necessarily mean you will receive legal aid. According to a 2017 report by the Legal Services Corporation, a non-commercial organization established by the U.S. Congress to make sure of equal access to justice for all Americans, 86 percent of the civil legal issues that low-income Americans face received inadequate or no legal help in the previous year.

Visit a Law School

Consider hiring a law student to give you advice. Generally, students in law school are certified to practice law under faculty members who are practicing attorneys.

Student practice rules vary by state, thus what you do depends on where you reside. Several law school clinics represent low-income people too. Some people make an excessive amount of money to qualify. Still, that is not always the case.

Contact Your County or State Bar Association

Once you discover someone who will listen to you, ask if any lawyers do legal work for reduced fees. That can vary from state to state and county to county. A lot of this relies on how active the state and county bar is in reaching out to low-income clients.

Call A Legal Hotline

Legal hotlines advise people in certain things, like domestic abuse. In some cases the help is free, and in other cases, it is very low cost, applicable to your situation. If you call, it is important to contact a hotline in your state of residence. The laws disagree from state to state; thus, you would possibly get incorrect advice if you call a hotline in a different state.

Try Evaluation Attorneys

You may find that attorney fees are not as high as you thought, mainly if you get them capped. An attorney can provide you with a discount. You may hit the jackpot and find a generous lawyer. Otherwise, you may recognize somebody willing to take your case on contingency. That is, if you lose your case, you will pay nothing; however, if you win, the law firm takes some of the money awarded to you.

To Find A Lawyer Near to You

If you want to seek out an attorney in your locality who may be ready to assist you, search by practice area to seek out someone that may help you with your specific matter where you reside. At the time you call them, take care to ask if they handle cases on a fee basis. If they ever take on any representation pro bono (free), or if they will help you find someone who can help you. You can also contact your local legal aid societies. Visit law libraries to get more information about free and reduced rates of legal representation.