How to Clean Doors and Windows

It is not easy to get streak-free doors and windows, especially if you don’t know how to clean doors and windows the right way. In most cases, homeowners spend a lot of time spraying and wiping the glass, only to end up with windows and doors that are worse than before.

Utilizing correct methods and tools, however, is the first step to understanding how to clean your Barrie windows and doors perfectly. The right tools and methods will make the work easier and leave your doors and windows looking clean. In the end, you will end up saving a lot of money on windows and doors cleaning. Check Total Home Barrie to learn more about Barrie windows and doors cleaning.

  • How To Clean; Start From The Top To Bottom

If you are looking to achieve a clean window or mirror, start cleaning from top to bottom. Since the solution you are using will drip, consider gravity as an advantage to you and utilize it, by letting the solution drip on sections that you have not yet cleaned. Starting at the top to bottom ensures that the area that you clean remains that way and no drips fall on it.

  • When To Clean: Clean Your Windows On Cloudy Day

You may think this will not work to your advantage, but that is it. If you choose to clean your Barrie windows and doors when the sun is shining, the sunrays will dry the window washing detergent fast, leaving streaks on the surface.

However, during the cloudy day, your cleaning solution will remain on the surface for as long as you want, and when you wipe it, you will be left with sparkling clean glass.

  • What To Use: Use A Squeegee

You will be astonished by how this tool can make your glass look. Though it is recommended to only wipe once, sometimes the solution is stubborn, and as such, you need to re-wipe. With re-wiping, some streaks might be left on the surface of the glass. However, utilizing this tool makes it easier to clean the section of the door or window glass.

And if your windows are tall, you should choose a squeegee with a long handle. The squeegee can be used to clean shower walls.

  • Use Cotton Swabs To Clean The Corners.

Some areas of your Barrie windows and doors will not be accessible by a squeegee. In this case, cotton swabs will come in handy. These tools are just the right size and shape and can be used to eradicate all the dirt that accumulates in the corners. 

  • Use Newspapers

Some homeowners say newspapers are the best when it comes to cleaning glass. Yes, we can second that. It works, and perfectly in that matter. You may wet it a little bit to make it perfect on the glass.

If you don’t like holding it when wet, you can wear gloves.

Right, you now know how to clean doors and windows using various methods and tools. Why not start cleaning yours now?

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