Health Insurance Plans For Infants

A newborn in our families not only brings joy and delight, but it comes with an added sense of responsibility towards nurturing that child. Necessary care and attention need to be devoted so it leads a happy and healthy life. While we all pray for their healthy lives, we can only ensure a reliable health insurance plan backs our prayers. Health is the primary aspect that we can secure for our little wonders.

We all face the brunt of medical emergencies, but when it comes to our little infants, it is the most devastating and scary experience. Medical emergencies can be taxing, emotionally and financially too. Medical insurance can help you stay protected from the financial hassle in such gruesome times.

There are very few insurers that offer medical cover for young infants; instead, a family floater policy does the job well. Most health insurance plans for family accommodate the young to provide a revised premium. The premium is recalculated to cover the infant in the mediclaim policy for family.

Insurers consider health insurance for infants to be of high risk right from the first day. So health insurance for your young superheroes is available from as low as ninety days. Such a starting age differs from insurer to insurer. Make sure to select a mediclaim policy for family that offers an insurance cover from the earliest period.

Alternatively, you can opt for a maternity cover which extends the insurance benefits to newborns.

You can add your newborn infant to your health insurance at the time of annual renewal of your mediclaim policy for family. In case your insurer offers medical coverage from day 1, you should intimate the fact of such a newborn within a week or two depending on the terms and conditions of health insurance.

Documents like the birth certificate along with the maternity discharge card and medical reports of any specific health condition faced by the newborn needs to be communicated to your insurer. Your insurer can also offer cashless health insurance for which a photograph of the child may be required.

Some key points that you can look for in your health insurance plan-

Avail a health insurance that includes the vaccination charges along with congenital disease. This improves the overall coverage securing the health of your newborn.

Taking note of the additional charges for adding an infant while keeping in mind the exclusions under health insurance is critical while opting health insurance plans for family. Make sure you choose for a comprehensive health cover while undertaking your parental duties in nurturing your little champ!

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