Factors that make a Co-working Space Great

Imagine you are an entrepreneur trying hard to get your start up off the ground. Your will be trying to market and sell your new product. Budget is a major constraint especially in this phase. You can address that to a larger extent while selecting the workplace of your choice. Conventionally, you may work from home or rent an office. Nevertheless, co-working spaces always remain the feasible third option. The pros consider it to be the future of entrepreneurial world. Now, what are the factors that distinguish great co-working spaces from the rest?

  • Cost

Cost savings is why you shouldchoose co-work spacesin the first place. In first world countries, anything in the range of few hundred dollars on average will be charged. The membership pays for itself, considering the clients you get through referrals. You can easily skip searching real estate, signing lease, furnishing workplace, IT and other procedures. After all this fast tracking, the costs should necessarily be low. The co working spaces here by Found8 in Singapore provides a good balance of coworking and privacy.

  • Connectivity

Having a high speed, reliable internet connection is an absolute must. Remote workers and freelancers depend on it. Every offline day can cost you dearly. Ensure that the co-working space has up to date networking technology. In addition, check with the backups as well. Test the connection prior to moving your office there. Considering it’s an long term commitment, shaky connection is a recipe for disaster.

  • Amenities

Starting from club house, you cannot really overlook any amenity. Having all the necessary amenities improves productivity in office. In effect, your employees don’t have to travel much for them. They don’t have to leave the premises for lunch, if there’s a cafeteria in the building. In addition, you need to ensure being covered tech wise. If your office needs a printer or landline, get one without any hesitancy.

  • Community

In co-working space you belong to a community that serves your needs. It starts from morning cup of coffee which you can pick while entering the door. You can bump into your company’s PR agency naturally. Meeting graphic designer under the same roof is a real prospect. You can temporarily hire people via referrals. Above all, you can establish work culture more easily and effectively.

  • Architecture and Design

Workplace design plays a major role in productivity of your company. If you are dealing with foreign clients and employees mostly, you want to give it an international touch. If your company is more of a domestic setup, local settings are preferred. In an ideal world, workplace design has the concepts of operating region, but it still behaves internationalized. From seating to desks to meeting rooms, everything counts.

  • Location

For fact, location is the first thing you should factor in, while choosing the perfect co-working space. Consider the convenience of getting there. The travel distance to office should be minimal. Strategic location gives you the comfort of hiring the best of talents. Moreover, parking space becomes a luxury in cosmopolitan cities. You can’t afford to spend time hunting for a parking spot every day.