Do You Know What Do Travel Nurses Use for Transportation?

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If you are getting ready for your first travel nursing assignment, you might be wondering how you will get around once you get to the destination. Do you have to drive your own car? Or rent a car while you are there if you fly, or use any public transportation.

If you are a seasoned travel RN, you might be interested in going someplace new for business and need a different means of transportation than you are used to, or you might just be ready for a change after using the same mode of transportation for a time.

Whether or not you must move with your vehicle will depend on the location of the new assignment and the length of your employment contract. 

Regardless, as a traveling nurse or traveling doctor, you should be aware of your alternatives for automobile shipping, and Ship A Car, Inc. is here to assist you with the car shipping service.

What are various transportation options for you?

You might have complete control over your transportation alternatives, or your options can be limited to those offered by your staffing firm. Every assignment is a distinctive and distinct experience, just like the work of travel nursing itself.

Let us examine four of the most popular options and a fifth option you might not have considered before.

  • Driving yourself

Traveling to the other side of the country is not a requirement for being a travel nurse. Simply put, it might be more convenient and less expensive to drive a small distance (up to an hour) from your home in your own car.

  • Shipping your car

The other alternative is to fly to your place using a different mode of transportation, such as a plane or train, and then have your automobile transported to arrive at your destination shortly after your own arrival if you still want the flexibility to drive your own car.

  • Renting a car

Renting a car is the next best option for travel nurses who still want the ability to drive while on an assignment but don’t want to deal with either driving to the destination or dealing with automobile shipping.

  • Public transportation

Some travel nurses work so many shifts throughout the year that owning a car is not practical from a financial standpoint. In this situation, you have two options to use public transportation as often as you can or rent a car.

  • The RV/tiny home life

Owning an RV or tiny house could really be a practical choice for both transportation and accommodation for certain travel nurses, despite being undoubtedly less prevalent than your other mobility options.

Compared to any other mode of transportation, including pets, an RV or compact home will allow you to bring the most items with you. For each trip you take across the country, it is like moving your complete house with you. Even if you might have a preference for a mode of transportation as a travel nurse, the location of your assignments will have a significant impact on both your most economical options and your overall range of available poss