Could Access Control Doors Make Utah Schools Safer?

Could an access control door make schools in Utah safer? Plenty of elements come together to create a comprehensive school security plan. Badges and escort procedures for visitors and emergency lockdown drills are all vital to ensuring keeping schools safe. Nonetheless, one fundamental feature of school security can help protect entry into a school down to each room or supply closet, an access control door.

The use of an access control door means you can secure the school’s property and equipment in addition to each of the entry points. Combined with access control policies, you ensure that visitors, staff, and students will know where to enter and how to get in and out of their schools. Well planned out access control can go miles toward keeping out potential criminals. With an access control door, you set the tone for the rest of your security efforts, and it clarifies that you take security and safety seriously.

An access control door also sets a clear, distinct perimeter. Think of your school building in Utah, and now divide it into sections where security may be needed. These sections do not only have to be entry points into the building, as schools have expensive equipment and sensitive info that criminals may target. It should be clear to those entering the premise that they are entering a space that is meant to be a safe environment and keeps the school in the know of who is in each area.

With the help of an access control door, you can integrate security into a Utah school lobby’s design. An example of this would be that the door provides a physical barrier that makes it difficult or near impossible for visitors to get through a lobby area quickly or without proper authorization. Ensuring you know who is entering the building and keeping you in the know as to why they are there.

Maybe a lesser-known benefit of an access control door would be directly related to a lost or stolen key. With traditional keys, whoever is in charge of the key is also in charge of the security. If they were to lose a key or someone has stolen it, it would be hard to catch a perpetrator or prevent them from having access. A key card or pin would be in place of a traditional key with an access control door. If a key card was stolen or lost, you could disable it from being used by a criminal, but you could also track where it has been used to help catch the perpetrator.

With that information, could an access control door make schools in Utah safer? We’d have to argue that they would by tracking down each visitor and preventing those who do not have a valid reason to be there. In conjunction with processes to help nullify lost and stolen keys, it is easy to see why an access control door may be the next step in ensuring safety in schools in Utah.

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