Canadian Cable Manufacturer and Distributor

Cables and Wires

Since 1981, Sycor Technology has been providing high-quality cables and wires for a variety of organizations in fields as varied as aerospace, automobile, military, robotics and telecommunications while its employees work out of a 40,000-square foot facility to manufacture them as well as harnesses, cable management products and tubing. Additionally, Sycor Technology offers storage for companies that it works with that have limited space.

Mil-Spec Wire

The specifications that are necessary for mil-spec wires are significant, but, as an industry-leading mil-spec cable manufacturer, Sycor Technology takes care to ensure that all standards have been met. The cables that the organization produces are insulated and flame resistant, and they have been used by a number of government agencies to do things as varied as setting up a communications network and wiring a helicopter.

Value-Added Services

Not only does Sycor Technology sell cables and wires, but it also offers other services that help simplify the process of using them. One way is by providing several colour options to allow users to much more easily and quickly differentiate between the cables and wires. Twisting coloured cables is another option that Sycor Technology offers to companies.

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