Attain safe and efficient control of your refining process by using level measurement tools

To control your refining process safely and efficiently, you must have something through which you can easily measure various parameters. There are some industries whose process involve the atmospheric distillation process. Besides, there is also vacuum distillation. This is the process, where the oil splits-up into different ways or fractions.

However, if the oil is not fractioned properly, it will end up at the bottom of the column. This is the place, where it is very important to measure the level of the liquid. The level measurement of distillation bottoms helps in maintaining the level. If the level is very high, this can cause damage to the tray and can affect the product’s quality.

On the other side, if the level is quite low, this can damage pump seals or the pumps. To measure the level accurately, most of the industries are now using radiometric level systems. Such systems are quite effective in measuring the level in a non-contacting manner, no matter what is the temperature and pressure is.

Things that you should know about the radiometric level measurement system

Talking more about radiometric level measurement system used for level measurement of distillation bottoms, it works non-intrusive and non-contacting. All the components are mounted on the outer wall; they stay out of the measured material. So, there is no chance of wear and tear. About its measuring process:

  • Gamma radiation emitted from a shielded source is attenuated when it moves through the vessel. The attenuation is calculated by a super sensitive detector which is mounted at the opposite side of the measurement vessel. The type of radiation and measuring principle are constant. So, the attenuation will get affected when the level changes.
  • The level measurement of distillation bottomssystem uses a radiation field over the whole measuring range. When the level rises within the radiation field, the attenuation gets stronger. When this happens, the system detects less radiation. In this way, the level can be effectively monitored. No matter what is the level of pressure, viscosity, colour, temperature or chemical properties, the result will be accurate.

Advantages of the level measurement system

  1. Keeps the level stable.
  2. Avoids liquid or foam from entering the upper fractions.
  3. Enhances the efficiency of the distillation process.

Some important characteristics of level measurement of distillation bottoms

  1. One of the most important characteristics of level measurement of distillation bottomsis it continuously measures the level.
  2. It can be installed on the cylindrical bottom of the column to offer more accurate result.
  3. The installation arrangement uses the scintillation rod detectors.
  4. Highly reliable measurement instrument and works great under changing temperature and process density changes, pressure.
  5. Such a system is much easy to install.
  6. It doesn’t need frequents maintenance.
  7. It can be used on all types of vessels without doing any modification of plants.

It is important to maintain a perfect level to keep your plant safe from any unwanted events. So, choose the best products and stay relaxed.